It all started WITH…

TNC was founded as a small personal firm in -99. It's founder, Antony Sastre, had a solid belief that the digital age was upon us and that the way digital companies would be built and operate would need innovation and new thinking. The company persisted and survived both the IT bubble 2001 and the bank crash in 2008, learning invaluable lessons along the way.

At first TNC built online products in-house, took the to market, and made an exit by selling them to companies looking to expand their market to a digital space. Alongside providing high-end consultancy services in building online businesses. In 2017, Antony Sastre came back to the company he once started and embarked on a new journey. Rather than continue building products ourselves, we wanted to help driven entrepreneurs take their startups into a profitable business quickly.

In exchange for equity, we engage with resources, capital and education. Helping entrepreneurs sleep well at night, knowing their journey on building a profitable company is on the right path with a partner they can trust.



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